Thursday, 24 April 2008

In the doghouse: how pampered pooches live!

Dogs Trust receives dogs for rehoming for all sorts of reasons, ranging from the owner being unable to cope with the demands of an energetic pet to an accidental litter. Some dogs, as you know, will come to us as the result of mistreatment. Other have been well cared for in the past but the owner is now too old or ill, or has moved to unsuitable accommodation.

So the other end of the scale seems very unfamiliar to us. We know many owners who like to spoil their dogs with treats and toys, and our dog gift shop is a popular way to show your affection for your pup whilst helping others with the proceeds. However, we don't offer anything like this...

Rachel Hunter doesn't skimp on spending her millions on her dogs. According to Metro, the former model has splashed £25,000 on a made-to-measure kennel for her two dogs which matches her mansion. The high class doghouses include running water, furniture and even artwork!

If the pied-a-terre is a step too far but you want to get an unusual toy for a young pup, there are more reasonable alternatives, such as this £25 puppy play mat; just don't confuse it with the one for the baby.

And there were we thinking they were happy enough with a tug toy and a tennis ball...!
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