Thursday, 22 May 2008

Pet Owners Parliament helps launch Active Family, Active Dog campaign

Ryan at Pet Owners Parliament dropped me a line today to let me know that they've reported on our Active Family, Active Dog campaign. It's great that the word is getting out there and people are being reminded of the benefits to health and family dynamics that simply walking a dog can reap.

The Pet Owners Parliament is a free forum for discussing pet topics from dog ownership tests to breed specific legislation and everything in between. It is completely free and voluntary and is a hub for debates, commentary and petitions.

There are several interesting topics being discussed at the moment. Dogs Trust cannot comment on any particular debate and does not necessarily agree with all of the views expressed, but supports the rights of dog owners to discuss the way in which the law affects them. As I said before when writing about Dog Control Orders, telling us how you feel can help us be instrumental in shaping legislation and putting pressure on relevant groups.
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