Thursday, 14 August 2008

Dogs celebrate the Olympics in their swimming pools!

When I have time, I always try to catch up with the antics of Sadie and Lily, a pair of pooches who like to keep their owners busy recounting their tales - and those of their friends in Fairmont Park - on the Internet.

I simply couldn't resist, then, picking up an Olympics-themed post this week. The girls have enjoyed watching the Olympian swimmers pounding up and down the pool and picking up medals, and have nudged their humans into awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze to three YouTube videos of dogs swimming away. Remind you of anyone (pictured)?

If you do have a pool, or your dog likes to swim in rivers and lakes, please ensure that they are closely monitored at all times and not allowed to enter the water without you. Dogs should not be allowed to drink chemically-treated pool water as it could be toxic, and should be hosed down to remove chemicals or mites that can be found in untreated water.

Have you seen a really good video of a dog swimming - or have one of your own dog? Let us know and maybe it could feature on the blog.

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Lifestyles of the Urban Dog said...

Thank you for your shout out to Fairmount Dog Stories Olympics posts. We love your blog too! MM and RY of Fairmount Dog Stories