Monday, 11 August 2008

Meet Dogs Trust: Jacqui Darlow

Our supporters like to contact us to tell us about them and their dogs; we'd like to return the favour. Over the coming weeks we'll be introducing you to some of the team at the HQ and Centres around the country. First up: web guru Jacqui!

Name: Jacqui Darlow (not spelled 'Jackie'!)

Location: Dogs Trust HQ, London

Job: Digital Marketing Manager

You what...? Being a Digital Marketing Manager, my day job entails looking after Dogs Trust's many websites as well as thinking about what exciting things we can do next online. I've been at Dogs Trust for 10 years now; I started out in the PR department.

Best thing about my job: Getting to surf the net for a living! :)

Pets: At my house, none; my two cats live with my mum, though as soon as I can get a house with a garden they're coming back home to me.

Favourite websites: I can't live without BBC News for information, but have to read the List of the Day blog at least once a week as it's brilliant!

What I'm reading now: I've just finished Theresa Rebeck's Three Girls and Their Brother, an interesting insight into the real world of being a model, the pitfalls of immediate fame and what happens when it goes to your head...

Weekend plans: My partner and I are house sitting, so it's the usual weekend stuff in a different location - like a mini holiday, but I'll still find time to be checking in on those DoggySnappers!
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