Friday, 3 October 2008

Dog of the Week: URGENT APPEAL Lucky @ Dogs Trust Glasgow

Four year old Staffy Cross Lucky is anything but - and she needs a really special owner. The new mother is hoping for a home where she can live out her last days in comfort, as she's suffering from incurable cancer.

An aggressive tumour was discovered during Lucky's pregnancy; the unborn pups were the reason her original owners could no longer cope and brought her to the centre. Of the ten born, six survived and have been weaned, ready for rehoming. Lucky too needs to find a place to live.

Sandra Downie of Dogs Trust Glasgow explains:
"Our veterinary team advised us that surgery would involve months of painful treatment and suffering for poor Lucky. It was thought the kindest option would be to allow her to care for her puppies and then look for a loving home where she could see out her days in peace, however many there might be."
Lucky is not showing any signs of discomfort, and owners who are worried about veterinary costs can rest assured that Dogs Trust will take care of these. All we need is someone with a love of dogs and a strong enough heart to give this lovely girl a warm, comfortable place for whatever time she has left.

Her puppies also need homes, and anyone interested in either should call Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0141 773 5130.
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