Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dogs Trust dog gets featured on Topsy blog

When Zoe, Barbara and Belinda set up the 'Travels with Topsy' blog in honour of their 1975 VW camper van, they probably didn't realise it would be usurped by a one-eyed Bull Terrier crossbreed called Olive. But then, I don't think any of us expect how much our pets completely take over our lives, online and off (though we wouldn't have it any other way).

Olive was somewhat overlooked when she was at Dogs Trust Darlington because of her one eye, fitted right in at home with the gang. She and the kids immediately fell in love with each other, and though Olive and the cat aren't the best of friends yet but they're not sworn enemies either, which is sometimes quite good enough, especially in the early days.

Very kindly, Topsy and the gang have declared their support of Dogs Trust and added a link to our website from their blog. Please allow me to extend my thanks on behalf of the team here, and also thank them warmly for giving a one-eyed Terrier a second chance and a happy life. It makes us feel a real warm glow to see her making herself comfortable in Topsy (above) and it's thanks to people like you that we can do what we do!

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travels with topsy said...

thanks for looking at our little blog - Olive is doing very well, still a bit cheeky but she has settled in great. our thanks go to everyone at the dogs trust for all the hard work you do.

Zoe Barbara and Belinda