Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Dogs Trust dog gets his own blog: Junior

There are many things to love about the Internet, but as a charity's social media bod I am lucky enough to come across blogs written by people who have adopted a dog from us and are giving them the wonderful life they deserve. What always strikes me is how much people adore their pets and how very open-hearted they are about that. But then, I suppose I can't resist working my cat into every other post... (like now).

A new blogger on the scene is Chris Norton, who along with his wife has just recently adopted Junior from Dogs Trust Kenilworth. Junior was only ever going to go to a very special home as he's a little nervous and needs careful support and training to help with his behaviour.

Settling in quickly alongside his fellow pets (at the moment rabbits and chickens, with bees to come), Junior is already showing signs of progress. Chris and his family are so committed to helping him grow in confidence that before they'd even taken him home they were aiming to see a behaviourist. It's wonderful for the staff at Kenilworth to hear about how their former resident is getting on, as well as helpful for other blog readers who might be struggling with training their dog as they are inspired by Chris and Junior's journey.

Thanks, Chris! Now, everyone, pop over and read the blog...

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