Wednesday, 17 December 2008

You handed your dog over why?!

There are many genuine reasons why people have to hand over their dogs to us, whether it be family or financial reasons. Most reasons are through no fault of the dogs or the owners; it's just circumstance, we understand that.

Then you have the other, more obscure and mostly unbelievable reasons. So this Christmas we have researched our handovers and found the top ten worst reasons for handing over a dog - and yes, they are all true...

  1. My dog doesn’t match the sofa.
  2. The dog looks evil and has different coloured eyes, just like David Bowie.
  3. My black dog doesn’t match new white carpet, can we swap him for a white dog?
  4. My current dog is too old, can we swap for a puppy or younger model?
  5. My dog ate the Christmas turkey cooling on the worktop.
  6. My pet guinea pig got worried with a dog in the house.
  7. The dog opened all the presents on Christmas Eve.
  8. The owner accidently knelt in dog wee while cleaning it up so brought the dog in the very next day.
  9. The puppy was bought as a present for elderly couple with dementia.
  10. The owner was paranoid about recent bad press on Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and the dog was given up through no fault of its own.

and my own personal favourite

" We couldn't bond with the dog" - They had had him 90 minutes!
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