Wednesday, 14 January 2009

DoggySnaps Book Club: A Dog Year by Jon Katz

Just last week I was contacted by the lovely Katie from Ebury Publishing who suggested what I (an avid reader) thought was a great idea - a book club on DoggySnaps!

We already knew from various threads on the site that the 'Snappers are big fans of the book world. And since Ebury is the publisher of Jon Katz' series about life as the owner for a troubled young Border Collie (A Dog Year) and bouncy new puppy Rose (A Home for Rose), Katie thought these would be very appropriate for the site.

Ebury has generously offered 15 free copies of A Dog Year (to be followed by A Home for Rose next month) to the first DoggySnappers to email with their user name, real name and address. You do need to be a member of DoggySnaps to apply, but signing up is quick, easy and absolutely FREE.

I've got my copy of the book to hand and will get cracking reading it soon for reviewing on this blog; you can be sure I'll be adding my opinion to the forum threads, too.

If you're interested in what's next from the world of Ebury, you can also follow them on Twitter.
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