Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Show your dog on DoggySnaps, the network for dog lovers!

We're pretty excited today as a project we've been sitting on for a long time has finally seen the light of day! Our community site, DoggySnaps, has just gained an extra feature - the ability to have a dog show competition using the photos and videos members upload to the site.

Any registered member can enter, which we hope will encourage members of the site who shy away from some of the chattier functions to get more involved, and anyone on the whole Internet who can access DoggySnaps can vote. Every month there will be a variety of categories and people will be able to choose a first, second and third place award. The winners get virtual (and once in a while, real) prizes to display in their kennels and Jacqui and I even get to award an Editor's Choice ribbon.

The categories for our first show include Hunk of the Month and Lady of the Month, which were the names of the fun competitions run by members on the forums when they didn't know that we had this up our sleeves! There's also Perfect Pals, for dogs that like to keep each other company even in front of the camera, and Comedy Classics, because some dog photos are genuinely hilarious. Everyone loves a cute pup, so there's a Puppy Pics section, and finally a chance to show off seasonal snaps in the Festive Photos class.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of excellent entries, so get uploading and I'll polish the trophies...

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