Monday, 16 February 2009

Dogs Trust News Roundup: What have we been doing lately?

You might have noticed that we've skipped the odd day's blog posting here and there. This is indeed very naughty of us and we shall make amends by posting lots more blogs from now on, but I thought you might be interested in what was happening behind the scenes when the blog went quiet.

New dogs were being added to the website: And we're continuing to keep this updated.

We told other charities what we do online: the Institute of Fundraising North Conference was really practical and helpful.

We ran some giveaways and competitions on MySpace and DoggySnaps: you can still enter the Hotel for Dogs Competition if you're a member of DoggySnaps!

We told everyone about the up-coming ADCH conference on a number of dog forum sites: if you're interested in animal welfare there's still time to sign up and attend. (Okay, so obviously we did that on the blog too, but it was still worth mentioning!)

We talked to other charities and businesses who have thought of ways to work with us: all top secret, of course, but you'll be the first to know if anything comes of it!

We let the online world know about Rose, the pup born with no eyes: And she has already found a home! We're really happy for her and her new family.

In all honesty, there were also some time-consuming tasks which you probably don't want to know about because they contain words like "admin" and "maintenance". Zzzzzzzzz... but they do have to be done to make sure everything runs smoothly.

So, that was our week. How was yours?

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Anonymous said...

Alex, Jacqui - it was good to see you both in York. I can vouch for your fantastic contribution :-)

Dogs Trust said...

Likewise, Steve and thank you! I was really impressed with what Graham had put together.