Friday, 13 March 2009

Dog of the Week: Mr. Shih Tzu @ Dogs Trust West London (Harefield)

(Continuing this week's Shih Tzu theme!) Introducing... Mr Shih Tzu!

Breed: Guess. ;)

Age: 7

Likes: I'm happy to have dog friends, but it is imperative I live as a lone pet since I get very jealous and make this known. My routine is very important to me: the same food at the same time, every day. I need to be groomed carefully - watching the face; I only have one eye!

Dislikes: I'd like to make this very clear - I'm NO LAP DOG and do not like to be over handled or forced to do anything. I tend to be grumpy and only wants attention when I want it, little and often. I've been known to bite, and need to be muzzled at the vet.

Needs: I've had some bad experiences in my time, so the Dogs Trust crew say I need to be gently taught the basics and have my training sorted out. I have to make friends with everyone in the household otherwise I'll get jealous and bite the members of the family I haven't bonded with. I can live with sensible older children (14+) and it would be good if they have experience of difficult dogs or Terriers.

Contact: Call Dogs Trust West London on 01895 453 930 or see more dogs needing homes online.
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