Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Dogs Trust Rescue Dog Agility Team at the Ultimate Pet Show

Just in case anyone still needed convincing that rescue dogs have just as many talents as their lucky counterparts who have had one home since birth, the Dogs Trust Rescue Dog Agility team swept into the Birmingham NEC for the Ultimate Pet Show.

The team of dogs, owners, Dogs Trust staff and four beauties from Kenilworth looking for homes had a grand weekend out at the show, as the photo above shows! For more photos from the event, check out our Flickr stream. Also on site was a Dogs Trust Dogmobile, one of two mobile stands that are taken all around the country promoting dogs looking for homes - you can follow that link to find out more about Dogmobile events in your area.

Among the agility team members was girl called Saskia, who had spent most of her life at Dogs Trust Kenilworth. When she finally found her forever home, it was with Oliver, who immediately got her started on agility. In this video he introduces them both:

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Wendy said...

Of COURSE they care just as good! I find rescues to be usually able to do anything one of my "second chancers" can do- perfect pedigree or not.