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DT Honours - The Winners

DT Honours - Jenni Falconer and Alfie the dog
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Hopefully you were all following our special Twitter feed last night and got to see the winners announced live before they reached the morning papers!

If not, these were the lucky pooches (and one man!) handed their prizes by presenters including Jenni Falconer (pictured), Ben Fogle, Lorraine Kelly, Camilla Dallerup, Kevin Sacre and Dr. Christian Jessen.

The Sun Hero Dog Award
Presented by Lorraine Kelly
This is the award for working dogs who contribute to community life by caring for, protecting and serving their human companions and colleagues. The winner has been chosen by readers of The Sun.

Thelma, an 8 year old Crossbreed from Plymouth
Thelma’s owner, Chris Goard, nominated her for the assistance that she has given both he and his wife since she was selected for them by Hearing Dogs for The Deaf. Chris is deaf and has severely restricted mobility, relying on a wheelchair to get about, while his wife, Eileen, suffers with regular epileptic seizures. When Eileen had a very severe seizure in the bathroom, Thelma saved her life by immediately running downstairs to alert Chris. Thelma's instant reaction was the key to ensuring Eileen's seizure was not fatal.

The Dogs Trust Rex Factor Award
Presented by Camilla Dallerup and Kevin Sacre with dog Sven
The award for a uniquely talented dog who can perform an array of stunning canine stunts. Watch the screen and prepare to be amazed by their fancy paw work.

Skye, an 8 year old Border Collie from Newbury, Berkshire
Skye's owner, Susan Bobrucki, says: “Skye is our very own ‘Ronaldog’! She even watches Manchester United matches on TV with the rest of the family. She’s honed her skills over the years and has learnt shimmies, back-heels and goal scoring!”

The Dogs Trust Dog's Best Friend Award
Presented by Jenni Falconer
This is the award for a special human who has gone the extra mile for dogs, either through fundraising, rescuing or rehoming abandoned dogs.

Pen Farthing, of Plymouth, Devon
Pen has been nominated because of his work rescuing abandoned dogs in Nowzad, Afghanistan. As a Royal Marine, Sergeant Pen Farthing found many stray dogs in Afghanistan struggling to survive in the harsh conditions. He led a small group of Marines in feeding and caring for the few dogs that had found their way into camp. Pen returned to the UK in 2007 and eventually adopted two of the dogs he had cared for in Afghanistan. His experiences led him to found the charity Nowzad Dogs, through which he brings dogs from the region to the UK so they can be found loving new homes.

The Dogs Trust Dogged Devotion Award
Presented by Dr Christian Jessen
This award recognises the achievements of ordinary dogs who, without having had special training, provide a better quality of life for their owners who are living through challenging times.

Maisy, a 1 year old crossbreed from Harrogate
Maisy’s owner, Yvonne Lofthouse, nominated Maisy because she is helping her through extremely difficult times, including battling breast cancer, which has now spread to her liver and lungs. Yvonne says Maisy is the reason she gets up in the morning and carries on fighting. Yvonne reckons Maisy is far better than any anti-depressant.

The Medichem Golden Oldie Award
Sponsored by Medichem, presented by Ben Fogle
This is the award for former Dogs Trust residents, (over seven years old), who have achieved an extraordinary amount in their lifetime.

Tinker, a 12 year old Terrier from Darlington
Tinker’s owner, Gill Crawford, nominated him for the excellent emotional support he gave her during a very difficult period in her life. Gill’s father originally adopted Tinker from Dogs Trust Darlington, and he helped him through his bereavement when he became a widower. Tinker then went on to provide comfort for Gill when her father died, and finally, he was her hairy rock once more when Gill went through a painful divorce.

The Dogs Trust Top Dog Award
Presented by Dogs Trust president, The Marchioness of Northampton, and Andrew Bucher of

Maisy, one year old crossbreed and winner of the Dogged Devotion Award.

Guests on the night voted for their favourite winner to be the very top Top Dog.

We can't quite believe it's all over for another year, but we really enjoyed the evening - and judging by the number of people visiting our Flickr feed, so did you! We'll be posting the official celeb snaps and winners shots there over the next few days, so please keep dropping by to take a look.

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