Monday, 11 May 2009

Lets With Pets: Everything about renting with animals

Have you ever tried to move house with your pets and found that landlords are not keen to rent to you? Are you a landlord concerned about renting to tenants with animals? Everything you ever needed to know can now be found on Dogs Trust's new microsite:

Lets with Pets.

There's a wealth of advice and information for pet owners, landlords and letting agents including ways that tenants can persuade a landlord to rent to them and how landlords can protect themselves from any problems. For example:

You're a landlord worried about potential damage to furnishings / decor from a pet. What can you and the tenant do to get past this?

Landlord: Charge / accept an extra deposit, possibly non-refundable, to specifically cover pet damage. Be prepared to meet the pet in question, and ask questions about their training and behaviour.

Tenant: Offer an extra deposit, and introduce your pet to the landlord to show they're well-behaved. Write a 'pet CV' for your pet with references from previous landlords (where possible), details of vaccinations, flea treatments etc and any training classes they've attended.

For more ideas like these, information about the law and to help the campaign for more landlords to accept four-footed (or scaly, or feathered...!) tenants, visit the website and spread the word about Lets with Pets!


— Kim said...

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