Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pancake recipes suitable for your dog!

It's Shrove Tuesday today, which means the humans in the house are breaking out the eggs and flour. Personally I prefer my pancakes fat, fluffy, American-style, studded with fruit and drizzled with maple syrup, but I know my husband tends towards skinny crepes dusted with sugar and lemon.

And it turns out pets don't have to be completely left out of the fun. There are loads of dog-focussed recipes across the Internet that you could check out and adapt to make sure your dogs can get in on it without eating anythign they're not supposed to.

Just remember that treats should count as part of a dog's overall food intake, so careful not to overdo it; keeping them at a healthy weight is just as important as it is with people.

Here's what I found doing a few searches; do you have any you'd recommend?

See Fido Potato Pancake Recipe

Ask Yahoo Dog-Safe Cupcakes - also listed is a pancake recipe!

Rachael Ray Pooch Pancakes
(I'd probably skip the fruit here, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach)

As a general tip, make sure you avoid any chocolate, grapes or raisins, as these can all be toxic.

[Image Source: Drywontonmee at Wikimedia]

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Cynthia Blue said...

Ooo cool. I gotta make some pancakes for my pup. :)