Monday, 26 April 2010

Dogs Trust Kenilworth's pair of pretty Pugs rehomed to dedicated couple

Supporter Relations Officer Jane Hirons at Dogs Trust Kenilworth was impressed when a pair of potential rehomers went out of their way to visit the centre....

Ellie and Rosie, two beautiful Pugs looking to be rehomed, came into the centre when their owner could no longer care for them. Being mother and daughter and always being used to each others company we thought they should stay together despite the fact that rehoming both dogs to the same home might prove a little difficult!

David, one of our Canine Carers, was embarking on a project towards a training course he was undertaking, so what luck that David needed to identify a story and the Pugs needed to find a new home. David took some footage of Ellie and Rosie and we posted it on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook (you can see it below); well it wasn't long at all before the centre started to receive calls about our Pug duo and in particular one call stood out from the rest.

Mr & Mrs Watson already owned their own Pug and despite travelling home from their holiday in London they were desperate to come and visit Ellie and Rosie. So much so that they stopped off on en route to Yorkshire and stayed overnight in the hotel next door to the centre; they were that keen to be first through the door on Saturday!

Ellie and Rosie will soon be making their way to their new home in Yorkshire and David will be able to complete his project so what wonderful news all round. We wish our little Pug friends all the very best with Mr & Mrs Watson and their resident Pug and look forward to hearing how they have settled in at home.

So David, what's the next project?!

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