Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Dogs Trust supporter's view of using Green Metropolis to sell books and help dogs

We've recently partnered with book buying and selling site Green Metropolis to make it easy for anyone doing a spring clean of their bookshelves to help us at the same time as making a little money back on their unwanted books. 

Supporter Annabelle Tipper let us know on Twitter that she's using the service, and we asked her if she could tell other supporters about her experiences. Over to you, Annabelle!

Two of my favourite things to do are reading and raising money for animal charities so when I received an email from Dogs Trust about Green Metropolis, their charity bookstore, I knew I wanted to get involved.

It's quick to register at and you can click on the Dogs Trust logo on the homepage to browse through the wide variety of books other supporters have listed for sale.  Or, if you have some books you'd like to sell, you can easily register as a charity seller and choose to donate either 50p or £1 from each sale to Dogs Trust.  It's really easy to list books on the site - just locate the ISBN number on the back of your book and in most cases, the details (title, author, synopsis, number of pages etc) are instantly filled in for you.  If you can't find the book's ISBN or if your particular book's details aren't stored in the database, you can manually add all the information yourself.

Most books sell for £3.75 and sellers receive £3 per book sold (your 50p or £1 donation to Dogs Trust comes out of this money, so depending on how much you donate, you'll be left with either £2 or £2.50 to cover postage and packaging charges).  You have the option to price your books a little higher if they're heavy so that you can cover the greater P&P costs.

Don't get disheartened if you don't sell your books instantly.  All listings remain on the website indefinitely until either the books have sold or you remove them from Green Metropolis yourself.  There are no fees if you list a book and it doesn't sell.  My advice is to be patient and list as many books as you can in different genres (of course it helps if you have the only copy available of a particular title!).

Speaking from personal experience, I've bought many more books than I've sold but every purchase or sale helps dogs and it's all great fun!

You can find my Green Metropolis profile here. Please join in as this is such an easy way to raise money for Dogs Trust!  Thank you and woof woof!

We're really grateful to Annabelle for her efforts and for her very helpful post. If you want to sign up and get selling - or buying - head over to Green Metropolis now!

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