Thursday, 20 December 2012

West End star Jodie Prenger joins us at St Mungo's for Hope Project

West End star and Dogs Trust supporter, Jodie Prenger, visited a St Mungo’s hostel this week to hand out the first of 850 Dogs Trust Christmas Hampers being given to the dogs of homeless people and those in temporary accommodation across the UK. Receiving one of the hampers today was Sam the Samoyed, belonging to Michael Lyon, a current resident at a St Mungo’s hostel in Covent Garden.

These were the very same hampers that over 1,000 volunteers helped to stock with hand-knitted dog coats, so we're pleased to be able to show you all just how your hard work is being put to good use.  We now know that we received over 3,000 coats, which ranged in size from Chihuahua to Great Dane. They've been included in the special hampers with a variety of essentials such as new leads, collars, treats and toys, some of which were also bought by Dogs Trust supporters through an online wish list.

Jodie, who kindly also tweeted about her visit, said:
“As a dog lover myself, I am delighted to deliver the first of the 850 Dogs Trust Christmas Hampers. Homeless people love their dogs and many would rather go without to be able to feed their best friend, so these goodies will be well received and ensure that the dogs get everything they need to stay warm and happy over the winter months.”
Hampers for dogs whose owners are homeless or living in temporary accommodation have been distributed for the last 11 years as part of our ongoing Hope Project. As well as the hampers, the project offers subsidised veterinary treatments and encourages homelessness hostels and day centres to accept clients with dogs as well as helping them put in place practical guidelines. Often homeless people choose to stay with their dog on the streets if a hostel doesn’t allow dogs to stay as well.

St Mungo’s is one of the few charities that allows homeless men and women to keep their pets with them in its hostels.

Homelessness organisations or veterinary surgeries interested in finding out more information about the Hope Project should call Dogs Trust on 020 7837 0006 or email us.

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