Friday, 8 March 2013

Meet the staff : Archie, Dogs Trust Loughborough

Continuing our series from Dogs Trust Loughborough meet Archie....

Note: Creative license has been used in this blog for effect. Archie does not really use the computer.

In Bed
I may look like I’m just relaxing in my bed, but I’m actually hard at work at Loughborough Dogs Trust. My name is Archie and I adopted my owner Claire, who is the Assistant Manager Administration, when she was employed at the Glasgow centre. I was handed in for rehoming as I wasn’t coping when a new baby arrived in my first home. When I was in the kennel I could see Claire liked me as she kept coming to say hello so I agreed to adopt her. We moved to Loughborough in May last year and the shiny new centre opened in June.

Our day starts at 8am with a team briefing in reception where we discuss any appointments or events happening that day. Morning appointments are usually handovers where lucky dogs like me are brought in for rehoming. I usually attend the briefing with my pals Mork and Rupert who work in the Centre Managers office upstairs. Then Claire and other members of the management team walk through the kennels with our vet nurse Annie. They are checking that all the dogs in our care are healthy and that any booked dogs are moved out of the Rehoming block. I usually settle down in my office for a leisurely breakfast until Claire comes back when I let her know what needs to be done that day.

Day ahead
First we start with the post that has arrived. We are in charge of the invoicing and payment system for the Loughborough centre so Claire checks the invoices off. I put my paw of approval on them then she scans and emails them to our London office to be put on the accounts system for payment. Pete and Adam the Maintenance Operatives bring in the mileage logs from the work vehicles and these are also sent by email. Luckily I am very good on the computer!

Inspecting the Delivery
Claire is also in charge of stock ordering so we frequently get deliveries of food, harnesses and cleaning supplies. Of course I have to inspect every delivery to check it comes up to scratch. Sometimes there are boxes with Kong toys in them and my favourites are the cuddly ones however Claire says I have enough already and puts them up out of my reach. Last week we got a delivery of a new shampoo range called Pet Head which smells amazing, but I’m not a fan of the bath so hopefully it won’t be tested on me. The photo below is me after a run through the mud chasing squirrels. I don’t look happy as I knew the next step was the bath!

Uh oh bath!
At 10 o’clock I like to go out and stretch my legs after a busy morning then it’s back for some snoozing under the desk while Claire catches up on emails and phone calls. At 12 o’clock the centre opens to the public so I keep a watchful eye on the people coming and going through reception. Customers visit for many reasons. Some want to adopt a dog, walk the dog they have already booked or do a meet with their current dog and lots of kind people hand in donations. The dogs particularly like when treats are handed in for them! Visitors also come just to say hello to our dogs which is lovely for my canine pals. I sometimes bark to let visitors know I’m here when they come near the office door.

I love when the canine carers come into the office to speak to Claire as most of them carry treats for the rehoming centre dogs and sometimes a morsel falls on the floor so I quickly grab it before Claire sees! Last Wednesday was a good day as she was called out to reception, leaving her sandwich unattended, mmm cheese and ham, which I love. Unfortunately she came back in before I managed to finish it all. I love when Claire has a meeting with the receptionists as they give me cuddles when in the office. I think it’s really me they come to see.

In the afternoon there are usually dogs going home with their new families so that is always very exciting. Once the paperwork is complete a canine carer brings the dog up with a new collar and tag on and it reminds me when I adopted Claire.

At 4 o’clock the centre closes to the public and the canine carers are giving the dogs their last walks before feeding time after 5. We usually stock up the retail section and vending machine for the next day. I know I’m not allowed chocolate but I will always try and get a packet of crisps from the machine while its open. Claire goes to check the bookings for dogs going home and speaks to Annie in case any of the dogs still need to be neutered before they go.

I had my operation before I went in to the Glasgow centre but some dogs are done here in our posh vet suite. I like going to see Annie as she usually gives the dogs a little bit of liver paste to make the vet visit less stressful. I visited her last week when Anthea our Education Officer took the Junior Canine Carer competition winner in to see what happens in the mysterious world of the vet suite. I was asked to help as I’m calm under pressure and happy for Gemma, one of the centre vets, to have a look at my teeth, ears and listen to my heart.

Home time
At 5 o’clock its nearly time for my dinner so once the day shift is finished I let Claire know it’s time to go home and off I go. I’m happy that I’ve done a good days work helping to find our dogs their forever home, just like I did.

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