Friday, 3 January 2014

Dogs Trust Loughborough: Whose Team Are You On??

The Staff at Dogs Trust Loughborough are starting 2014 with a huge push for three of their long term dogs – Bonnie, Millie and Triffic.

The team are so keen to see these guys go to their forever homes this year - they’re pulling out all the stops. Wearing team t-shirts, posting posters, and sticking stickers - of course, it's all friendly staff rivalry!

Look at these fantastic Comic Strips (click on the team name) - and decide whose team YOU want to join!

Of course, we hope to see all three of them find their forever homes as soon as possible. You’ll now be introduced to Bonnie, Millie and Triffic by the ones who know them best - their trusty carers at Dogs Trust Loughborough.


* For the love of Bonnie by Canine Carer Megan*

Bonnie is a big, bouncy and beautiful Labrador although she doesn’t act like a Labrador!  Bonnie is a happy, loving dog but she isn’t a typical Labrador – more like a German Shepherd trapped in a Labrador’s body!

Bonnie is a water dog and will splash in any water she can find and she really enjoyed her hydrotherapy sessions here at the centre.  Not only is this great fun for her but it helps to maintain her weight and is good management for the mild hip dysplasia that she has.

She isn’t keen on other dogs so enjoys walking in quieter places where she can spend more time playing her favourite game – fetch! Bonnie is obsessed with tennis ball and will want to carry one wherever she goes.

I’m part of Team Bonnie as she is such a lovely dog who needs to her own someone who she can love, trust and depend upon.  At her own pace, Bonnie will settle fantastically into a quiet, adult only new home where she can have lots of one to one time with her new family.

*What it’s like to love Triffic by Canine Carer Laura*

One thing Triffic never fails to make me do is smile! He is so full of life and has such a sense of fun. Three words spring to mind straight away - cheeky, lovable, scamp! Triffic is a very intelligent and incredibly playful chap. ‘Chase me’ games and ‘hide and seek’ make me laugh, as does his love of having a good roll about on muddy grass with a ball in his mouth!

From the outside Triffic looks like a super cute dog which he undoubtedly is, however, on the inside he is an incredible mix of characteristics which never fail to amaze those who know him. Triffic has boundless energy, enthusiasm and is quick to learn. He thrives on his connections with people and this can be fostered by encouraging him in his training.

 Triffic is currently learning how to be calm around other dogs. We have been working on this by training him to associate seeing other dogs from a distance with good things (treats) and he has made one or two doggy friends.

Once a relationship of trust has been built Triffic will be a loving companion and you will be rewarded with a bond for life. Join me in Team Triffic!

* The Millie Manifesto by TBA Heather *

Millie is like a little dynamo of energy. Spending time with her is guaranteed to be entertaining and keep you on your toes. She is an intelligent girl who loves to learn new things. If that learning can take the form of a game she literally could not be happier as she is an incredibly playful and fun loving girl.

To try to compare Millie to ‘something’ I would have to compare her to a diamond. On the outside they are beautiful, precious and look so delicate but underneath that delicate veneer is something strong and resilient. Millie is such a dainty and pretty girl to look yet her character and personality are so strong underneath that she is sure to win your heart.

Millie may not have been equip with all the skills she needed to keep calm when she feel stressed, however, she has a vast array of other qualities that far outweigh the fact that she is reactive to other dogs. Millie is not the sort of dog who is going to be able to run around off lead in the park playing with lots of other dogs. She loves walks and will relish the chance to go out but she prefers to be out in a rural setting where she has freedom and is not likely to see other dogs.

Please consider joining Team Millie, and even offering her a forever home and inviting her to be part of your family.

** For more information ** or to visit these lovely dogs please contact Dogs Trust Loughborough on: 01509 880 070 today!

An Update...

10 days on and all three of these guys are still awaiting their forever homes! Triffic did have some interest, but she is still with us, I guess we can say Team Triffic are in the lead!

Don't forget, you can live anywhere in the UK to adopt from Dogs Tryst Loughborough - so long as you are prepared to visit the centre a number of times to get to know the dog before taking them home.

Here's a few photos to show the Team efforts... 

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