Monday, 18 August 2014

This is an amazing story that you must read ....

Meet Dexter, Dexter is a beautiful Greyhound who has an unusual story to tell about his journey into his new home.
I'm finally going to a home...

Dexter was brought into Dogs Trust West London with his friend Zippy after spending several years (6) at another rescue centre together. Zippy quickly found a home but Dexter was still looking for that special someone. Then along came Rosemary.

Rosemary saw Dexter on the website after looking at dogs in our West Calder and Glasgow centre she saw Dexter and decided to phone up about him. Her current dog had a similar background and after speaking to the staff at Harefield and West Calder Rosemary felt she could give Dexter the home he needed

Rosemary lives in Edinburgh – Dexter was in London and having spent several years in kennels moving him to a nearer centre if the rehoming didn't work out wasn't an option, it would just be too stressful for him.

So Rosemary decided to get the train to London. She met Dexter and spent several hours with him over the weekend. Rosemary soon had to return to Edinburgh but was back the next weekend with her Husband to let Dexter meet the family and make sure he was right for them.

Deciding what to wear I've got to impress.

Moving into a home would be a big change for Dexter he had led a kennel life for so many years so things that are normally taken for granted such as car journeys, TV’s and stairs were all going to be slightly alien to Dexter. He’d need a bit more training and adjustment before he went to his new home and Rosemary had commitments in Edinburgh so she couldn’t stay in London any longer.

But Dexter had waited so long to find a new home and the match with Rosemary was right there had to be a way to help them be together.

So Richard Moore – Manager at Dogs Trust Harefeld decided to drive Dexter to his new home once the staff felt Dexter could cope with the journey and his new surroundings. He would also ensure Dexter was settled and comfortable in his new home.

And so on 13th August the road trip to Edinburgh began.

Preparing for my new country!
On the way they took in many of the well known British sites including the Angel of the North and that all important Border crossing into Scotland!
Angel of the North
Pit stop - its a long journey!

And finally 6 weeks after first meeting Rosemary and an 8 hour journey Dexter was in his new home.
Made it to the Border

My new owners , love my new home
Rosemary says, - ‘Dexter settled in so well -  having had a dog that spent years in kennels before I was expecting him to take a few weeks but he has settled in quickly. The staff at Harefield have gone above and beyond and the support has been amazing. Too sum up Dexter is Absolutely Amazing!’

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