Friday, 25 July 2008

Arnie, Barney and Kurt join Dogs Trust as new sponsor dogs!

Three new sponsor dogs have been named at Darlington, Glasgow and Leeds Rehoming Centres; supporters can now help Dogs Trust offer a safe and happy home to three more dogs who might otherwise never be rehomed.

Dogs like Arnie (Glasgow), Barney (Darlington) and Kurt (Leeds), pictured left to right above, might have great difficulty finding a home due to a difficult past or the need for specialist medical treatment. Just £1 a week from a sponsor will mean that Dogs Trust can give them a comfortable life for the rest of their days.

Introducing the new dogs:


Age: 4
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Brindle & White)

Brown-eyed Arnie has a penchant for carrying big sticks and he loves to paddle in the pond near the Centre, although he hates having to come out of the water again.


Age: 5
Breed: Springer Spaniel (Liver & white with extremely droopy jowls!)

Found as a stray in Ireland before coming to Dogs Trust. He's a typical Springer; this hyperactive fellow loves his walks, toys and food!


Age: 7
Breed: Crossbreed (Brindle)

Kurt - or Kurty - is a nervous dog; he was found wandering the streets as a stray. However, he loves his carers and is learning to trust again thanks to their attention.

To learn more about our sponsor dogs, or to sign up to the scheme, just visit our website.


Joanne Casey said...

I never knew dogs trust had a blog, this is great! I'm putting a link to you on mine.

Dogs Trust said...

Thanks Joanne - much appreciated! :)