Thursday, 3 July 2008

Hollywood goes pooch mad with Hotel for Dogs

I've been busily creating a presentation for our annual ICAWC conference today, so I've taken one eye off the dog blogs. Still, I managed to surf long enough to stumble across a trailer for an intriguing-looking film!

Hotel for Dogs looks to be the story of a couple of kids who try to create the ultimate hotel for 26 forgotten pooches, including baths, food, old trainer vending machines and anything else you could imagine a dog wanting. It's not out until early next year, but the trailer is really quite adorable. I couldn't help being put in mind of Cats & Dogs, a film I found hilarious back in 2001 (and my cat-owning friends tell me that far from being offended by the dastardly portrayals of our feline pals, they were proud!).

It's impossible to judge whether it'll be a great film or not yet, but I'm all for anything that encourages children to think about a dog's needs and meet them. Anyway, it's made me quite curious:

What are your favourite dog-themed films and TV shows?

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