Thursday, 24 July 2008

Petplan warns of 'pet gazumpers' hitting the market

One of the UK's leading pet insurance providers, Petplan, has issued a set of guidelines to prevent puppy buyers being gazumped. The unscrupulous practice is better known in the property market, but increasing numbers of would-be owners of pedigree puppies are finding themselves done out of their much-wanted pet by rivals willing to stump up a higher price.

It is sad thing when dogs are considered fashion accessories. Here at Dogs Trust we love the pedigree pups and the crossbreeds equally and feel they can all make for healthy, happy, wonderful pets. But with the Petplan Pet Census discovering that a third of pups have homes earmarked before they're even born, competition for puppies with the 'right' bloodlines is fierce.

People spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds chasing the 'perfect' puppy and will travel across the country. Diana Foultier from Oxfordshire knew that buying her first dog would be memorable, but she could not have foreseen the reasons why.
"I'd always wanted a Jack Russell, so when changes in my lifestyle finally made this a possibility, I spent plenty of time searching for my perfect puppy. Numerous miles and phone calls later... I spotted Chess and was smitted. I paid a £50 deposit and patiently waited until I could fetch her. Two days before, I recieved a call from the breeder to say that Chess was no longer available but that I could choose another from the little. Apparently somebody else had simply offered more than the original price I had agreed with the breeder. I was heart-broken."
Three months later, Diana's husband found Chess (mark II) and there was a happy ending to this story. Too many people are choosing a puppy, forming an emotional bond, and losing out thanks to gazumpers.

You can read Petplan's guide to help you avoid this unfortunate situation online.

Don't forget that if you are planning on buying a puppy you must check that you are dealing with a reputable breeder and not a puppy farm. Otherwise, if bloodline and fashion don't matter to you as much as having a friendly, affectionate family pet, just head to your local Rehoming Centre who will spend much time and effort in finding your perfect match - all for a small donation to help with running costs.

Disclosure: Petplan provides the six weeks' free insurance you will receive when you adopt any dog from Dogs Trust.

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