Friday, 19 September 2008

Meet Dogs Trust on International Talk Like a Pirate Day: Brian Child

Yes, I know this feature is usually run on a Wednesday, but when Brian sent me this brilliant photo it was inevitable that it had to be posted today. What? You didn't know? Today is the day for calling everyone 'me hearties' and 'arrrrgggg'-ing to your heart's content...

Name: Brian L Child (Known as Brains)

Location: Dogs Trust HQ, London

Job: Information technology Manager

You what...? As the IT manager I get to try out all the new technologies (Boys Toys) and if I think that Dogs Trust can benefit from them we all get to play. There is also a lot of detective work when trying to find the source of a problem

Best thing about my job: Meeting all sorts of people and new toys.

Pets: At my house, I have tropical fish

Favourite websites: A lot of guitar links and film making links

What I'm reading now: Silvertown – a story about London just before the second world war

Weekend plans: Out taking photographs and eating out with the grand children.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh arr, ye landlubber!

nice to meet you mr.


Sslaxx said...

Any pieces of kit in particular that've impressed lately?