Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty, Homelessness and Hope

Today is Blog Action Day, when bloggers around the world take a moment to raise awareness about helping the rest of the world. This year's topic is poverty.

In the current climate, fears of a rising number of people living in poverty are increasing. We have new terms in our daily vocabulary, 'fuel poverty' being one of them. People are also falling behind on spiralling mortgage payments, and some of those people lose their homes.

It might seems strange for a blogger from an animal charity to be writing about poverty and homelessness. But people often have to face the heartrending decision to rehome their pets. Aside from being here to help with that, Dogs Trust also runs Hope Project, which helps those who have taken their dog onto the streets with them maintain that bond.

The friendship of a dog can be the only thing that sustains some people when they find themselves without a home. Dogs are a source of comfort, and Dogs Trust's Hope Project team have had first hand experience of how well these dogs are treated by their owners.

Hope Project works in a variety of ways to help those owners. The Veterinary Entitlement Card Scheme offers some free veterinary care, and people can turn to us for advice in finding a shelter that will accept their pet or how to best look after their dog. We also work alongside other organisations that provide temporary accommodation to encourage them to see the benefits in allowing pets onto the premises.

You can find out more about Hope Project online.

Poverty is such a huge and complex issue. Today is about taking just one little bit and thinking about it or offering a solution.

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