Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Meet Dogs Trust: Katie Purvis

I was a little taken aback when Katie sent me this profile to post for her as I noticed we're both getting married and changing our names in December! Turns out it's just a week apart, too. Here Katie tells us all about her work at Dogs Trust:

Katie Purvis (soon to be Katie Chapel)

Location: Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Darlington

Job: Supporter Relations Officer

You what...? It’s a really varied job, but basically I’m the first point of contact for local media and PR as well as supporting our Fundraiser’s Committee and promoting our work.

Best thing about my job: I’ve worked for Dogs Trust for the last 5 years, first as a Canine Carer, then as Receptionist and now in this role. The best thing about my job is that I get paid to do something I really believe in. Another benefit is having lots of puppies to hug whenever you feel like it!

Pets: Nellie, a 3 year old English Bull Terrier. She’s a real superstar and doesn’t mind me bringing centre dogs home for sleepovers!

Favourite websites: I’m a bit of a Facebook geek as I’m a really nosey person and like to see what people I went to school with are up to! I’m about to start decorating my kitchen and have found a site that stocks pink utensils and accessories, so that’s a favourite! Check out - its fab if you’re a girly girl!

What I'm reading now: I read all the time and I’ve always got a couple of books on the go. One of my favourites is ‘Guide Dog for the Thick – The Misadventures of Morris’, by Terry Doe. It’s short stories of humorous situations involving the writer and his bull terrier dog. I can really identify with Terry as my life generally revolves around Nellie and the scrapes she gets into – she’s a menace!

Weekend plans: I’m getting married in December and I’m meeting with our photographer for a pre-wedding photo shoot, so I can make sure only my best side is photographed!

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Joanne Casey said...

Lovely! Nice to get to meet the people behind all the goodness!