Saturday, 4 October 2008

World Animal Day: Celebrate and Get Involved

Today is World Animal Day, an annual event created to celebrate man's relationship with the furry, feathered, slithering and scaly and to draw attention to those species on the brink of extinction.

As well as reflecting on the close relationship humankind shares with the animal kingdom, there will be loads of events going on around the world which urge respect for and conservation of animals.

If you've left it a little late to think of your own events, why not join in with one going on right now in your area? There is a handy international Events Diary on the website. I'm in London, so I chose the 'London & South East' area and found out that there are nine events listed, from religious events to open days, mountain biking, rabbit behaviour sessions and lectures.

If none of those appeal, perhaps you could use the day is impetus to think of something you could do more regularly to help animals; why not do something to raise money for an animal charity, volunteer at a rescue centre or just promise to be the one who gets up early each morning to walk the family dog for a whole month?

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Debbie @ World Animal Day said...

Many thanks for highlighting World Animal Day and helping us to ’spread the word’ about this special day. 2008 was a huge success. Why not visit the website to get some inspiration and ideas for 2009 - it’s never too early to start planning! Thanks again. Debbie - World Animal Day