Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Meet Dogs Trust: Lynne Jones, Education Officer

Recently, I was chatting to Hollie in the office about the work her education officers do around the country. "Can we tell more people about our education programmes through the blog?" asked Hollie. "Of course we can," I replied, "but the best people to explain what they do are surely the people that do it!". Days later I received this post from Lynne Jones:

Lynne Jones
Location: Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Bridgend, S.Wales
Job: Education Officer Wales

As an Education Officer it is my job to visit Primary Schools and carry out workshops during which I talk to the children about responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs. Making learning fun my dog Bonnie and I deliver interactive activities which are age related and designed to encourage team building and confidence skills.

Before I worked for Dogs Trust I had completed my PGCE in Primary Teaching and was supply teaching in a local school.

The funniest thing was attempting to do a workshop in a classroom that had 2 guinea pigs and try to convince Bonnie they weren’t interesting or worth a closer look! It was a very eventful session and I’d forgotten how determined she can be.

It can be challenging trying to manage a boisterous class of 30 children who are over-excited to have a dog in their classroom and ensuring Bonnie never feels overwhelmed or intimidated.

Bonnie is a 6 year old black Labrador cross collie which I got from Dogs Trust when she was 11 months old. Her handover form stated she was “Destructive” but this was due to her being a puppy and left on her own for long periods. Apart from chewing a few cushions and digging a hole in my settee to get to a biscuit she’s not been very destructive!! She is fantastic with children and people, is very greedy being a labrador so loves her food but is a wonderful companion. She had been very well socialized as a puppy and loves to play with other dogs. She has been well trained and is very calm when in the class so often children who were initially afraid of being in a class with a dog by the end of the workshop have plucked up the courage to come over and meet her.

My hobbies include horse riding, dog walking and swimming. I also like socializing with friends and going to the cinema.

My favourite food is anything with lots of cheese and ham on, so jacket potatoes, pizza, toasties, – I don’t like seafood much or hot curries.

If I could be anywhere right now I would be horse riding on the beach with Bonnie running behind and the sun beating down on us!

Photo Credit: Larry Barlow

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