Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Video: Teaching a deaf dog new tricks - Daphne @ Dogs Trust Snetterton

Training a bouncy Boxer puppy is always going to be quite a hands-on experience, but the fantastic team at Dogs Trust Snetterton had a new challenge to face when it came to Daphne. Born deaf, the 10-month-old pup has been taught to recognise hand signals instead of the traditional audio cues. Here's the girl herself in action:

[Video credit: Norwich Evening News 24]

It makes their job a little easier that Daphne's very friendly and shows a real aptitude for learning. She's mastering the basics - "sit" and "down" - and would need to find a family willing to continue the process of training and socialisation. She came to Dogs Trust because she could not get along with a fellow dog in the home she was in, so she'd prefer to be the star attraction in any family and cats are not on her list of favourite things.

If you have a calm, adult household, lots of time to devote to a pup and think you can help Daphne learn and grown in confidence, give Dogs Trust Snetterton a call on (01953) 498 377 .

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