Thursday, 11 December 2008

Oooh! Generous eBayer selling Zagliani handbag for Dogs Trust!

A lovely eBayer has decided that their Christmas present to Dogs Trust will be full proceeds from the sale of a brand new, tags-still-on Zagliani handbag!

The luxury, suede-lined black bag has a retail price of over £1,800 and the seller has started the bidding at £500. Mission Fish flagged it up for us as they've set up the sale so that 100% of the sale price will go to Dogs Trust. It's their "present to the puppies", it seems!

There's only one bid at the moment, but there are still four days to go. Since the auction ends on Monday and the last Christmas posting day is next Saturday it looks like you could make a woman in your life extremely happy on present-opening day, and still get a bargain designer buy (they don't have to know, but if you tell them it helped puppies I'm sure that would work in your favour!).

Clickety-click people, and thank you very much to our wonderfully generous supporter.


Zarada said...

I'm really interested in the bag but when I went to e-bay, I read that bidding had expired! I am trying to contact the generous e-bayer to see if the bag is still available for sale. Can u help put us in touch?

Dogs Trust said...

Sorry Zarada - we've received the funds and a note from the seller saying it was sold! Thank you for your interest, though. :)