Friday, 30 January 2009

Animal news: Cat helps deliver town post

It does seem to be the week for animals and postmen. First you have Orla the otter doing the rounds with her rescuer, Kenny Wilson, and now there's a real life Postman Pan with a black and white cat!

Somerset kitty Charlie (not Jess, sorry!) hid out in postie Nick Lock's mailbag to try and escape the rain; since then he's been accompanying Nick on his rounds. Looking slightly alarmed, if that photo is to be believed, though being a cat I'd doubt he'd be anywhere he didn't want to be.

Nick told BBC News:

"Most days now he's about. I think it's because he likes people. I don't think he likes being by himself."

Four-year-old Charlie has a permanent home with Lara Lucas, who lives on the postal route. She's highly amused by his new-found habit!

Well... you know what's coming next! We've had otters and kittens; surely there's a postie-and-dog story somewhere just waiting to make everyone go "aahhhhhhh"?! Comment away, and don't forget to add a link!

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