Friday, 16 January 2009

Dog(s) of the Week: Bereaved Lurcher Pups @ Dogs Trust Evesham

I'm breaking format for this week's Dog of the Week, thanks to a sudden rehoming appeal that landed on my desk this afternoon. No less than eight Lurcher x Collies are now awaiting rehoming at Dogs Trust Evesham thanks to the sudden and unexpected death of their owner.

The dogs - five adults and three puppies - were being cared for by a friend while the owner was on holiday. The carer turned to Evesham for help when the tragedy occurred, and the centre stepped forward to take on the lovely canine family.

It never seems like the right time to think about these things, but I should mention that Dogs Trust does offer a completely free Canine Care Card, which gives owners peace of mind that the charity will look after their dog in the event of their death. You can find out more about this by calling 01386 834 875.

The dogs can be rehomed separately - we wouldn't ask anyone to take on so many together! - but would benefit from an existing dog in the home or going home as a pair as they can be nervous away from the familiar company of the pack.

Two of the pups have now been booked but 3-year-olds Jasmine, River, Sage, Bay and Nigella (all pictured above) and the remaining 4-month-old pup Angus are still looking for homes. Can you open yours for these gorgeously scruffy pooches?

Call Dogs Trust Evesham 01386 830 613.

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Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh they are beautiful. I hope they get good happy homes. Riley is a lurcher collie cross and she's the best pet, it's a lovely combination. Affectionate, playful and fun!