Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year fitness challenge for massively overweight pooch

Meet Patch. He's a Beagle Cross currently living at Dogs Trust Glasgow. He's six years old, and weighs as much as a six year old... child, that is.

At a whopping 4.5 stone (28.45kg), Patch is almost twice the weight he should be and the Glasgow staff have set him a goal weight of 2.4 stone (15kg). Patch came to the centre when his elderly owner - who obviously adored and spoiled him - sadly passed away. The path to fitness will not be easy; Patch is so fat he can't even walk, let alone run, the pounds off, and needs to be lifted using a harness. Right now exercise could be extremely dangerous and he needs to gently take a few pounds off first.

Dogs Trust's Veterinary Director Chris Laurence explains:

"Patch has started a special diet, and he must lose weight before he can attempt any exercise. If he loses weight too quickly there's a real risk of organ failure.

He is very lucky he is now in our care. Being grossly obese puts him at risk of heart failur, diabetes, liver disease, pancreatitis and arthritis. The simple physical strain of carrying that much additional weight on his frame would be huge."

The whole community is rallying round to help Patch, with local kennels Allers Farm offering free use of their brand new hydrotherapy pool and staff members at Dogs Trust Glasgow digging out extra layers of bedding to help him be as comfy as possible in his kennel.

He's a wonderfully friendly, loving dog and now he seeks a caring and responsible home where his new owners will give him plenty of fuss and love while taking a tough love approach to his weight loss and resisting giving in to those pleading big brown peepers where treats are concerned.

He could go home now to the right family, and Dogs Trust staff will always be on hand to help and advise his new owners. If you think your family might be the right ones to offer Patch a new lease of life, please call Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0141 773 5130.


Katy said...

It would be so lovely to hear if patch recovered form his poor diet and found a worthy home. His eyes look so loving! Katy x

Dogs Trust said...
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Dogs Trust said...

Hi Katy,

We did an update blog on Patch to let followers find out his good news. Copy and paste this link into your browser window: