Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Guest Blog: Ex-sticky dog Pip - from Kenilworth to Oz, an adventure!

It was great news for Pip when his family found him a forever home - but that was just the beginning of his adventures! In this guest blog, Pip explains just how far he's travelled from the UK midlands, and how wonderful his life is now.
G’day Dogs Trust! It’s Pip here, ex-sticky dog* from Kenilworth.

I’m now living in Ferny Creek, Victoria, Australia. I got my “visa” last October, hopped on the flying Kangaroo (Qantas Airways) at London Heathrow, thanks to my friends at Airpets, arriving 22 hours later in Melbourne. As a UK dog I only had 30 days in quarantine. Mum and Dad visited most days. I also met a family who sponsor a Dogs Trust Sponsor Dog (hello Fonzie by the way!).

Aussie Quarantine were very nice to me but I was pleased to pack my bag (see photo below and note my bag!) and go home. I live in the Australian bush. It’s great for walking; I see wallabies, echidnas, possums, parrots and Kookaburras. I don’t chase the wildlife (Mum & Dad say this took some teaching!) except those noisy Cockatoos, I’d like to BBQ one of them! Life for a dog down under is a little restricted as we are a non-native species. It just means we can’t walk in certain places or we must be on a lead. There are some great off lead areas, I get to go to doggy beaches, (we have our own over here!) reserves and state parks. There’s always so much p-mail to catch up with!

It’s been a very hot summer down here and we have had major bushfires. We have been lucky as the fires have come close but the fire fighters have contained them. We evacuated to a relief centre on two occasions. There were hundreds of other people there with their dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, horses and even goats! How pleasing to see us pets are obviously very important to you humans. I have impressed my family, as I am, after all, a bit of a nervous boy. There was concern I might find all the smoke, fire engines and large water bombing aircraft overhead scary. But I’m a clever boy and I have coped brilliantly. I am first in the car when we have to go and politely accept the many dog treats on offer at the relief centre. The fires are nearly out now and life has quietened down again.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, I do love a good BBQ and a nice snooze in the sunshine……………

*A 'sticky dog' is one who has struggled to find a home quickly and has been in kennels for six months or more.

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