Thursday, 19 March 2009

Poll: Which type of dog is your favourite?

I've realised there's been a distinct lack of polls on our blog - so I thought I'd run one! It's just for fun, to see if lots of people vote. If they do, I'll be running a poll more often to get opinions on all matter of doggy (and perhaps non-doggy) issues.

To kick off, a quick overview of the most popular dog types out there. Please note it is just for fun; I love all types of dogs and would happily own a crossbreed, but that doesn't stop me being a fan of certain breeds (mostly hounds). Is there a particular type that you just can't help falling for?

You can choose more than one if you just can't quite decide!


Anonymous said...

I chose all of them with one catch, that they're rescues!

Dogs Trust said...

Unlikely we'd argue with that! ;)