Wednesday, 1 April 2009

COMING UP ROSES: Scientific breakthrough means the end of stinky dog poo!

I just had to share this press release with you all:

Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, today (1st April) announced a revolutionary diet breakthrough meaning stinky dog emissions may be a thing of the past.

A charity spokesperson explains:

“We care for over 16,000 dogs a year across our 17 rehoming centres, and that means a lot of poop scooping! We’ve been working with boffins behind the scenes devising the ultimate dog diet to minimise stinky emissions and make our kennel staff’s job a bit more pleasant.

Incredibly we’ve found a diet that not only minimises the smell but even makes poop fragrant!

Dogs Trust is patenting the winning formula and cannot yet reveal full details of the diet.

The spokesperson added:

“We’re incredibly excited about this breakthrough – it’s quite the scoop! If we can market the formula it will also be a great way of fundraising for us.

The UK dog population produces 1000 tonnes of faeces every day, so owners would have to be real fools not to find out how to make their poochs’ poop actually smell of roses!”


Em said...

wow, that's brilliant. Have cross posted to DForDog forum at ;-)

Anonymous said...

haha happy April fools to you too!!!!


Dennis said...

I actually know this is true, I know the inventor Mr. Lirpa Loof, from Norway.

Anonymous said...

Good one Dogs Trust.

Will the next breakthrough (on the anniversary) of this one, have dogs scooping up their own poop?