Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dog Blog Roundup: Written by Dogs Trust supporters and DoggySnappers

My job largely involves poking around the web for things of interest. On a professional and personal level this includes pet blogs. There is a veritable host of professional pet blogging out there - one of my favourites being US-based Pet Connection - but I was more interested today in personal blogs written by people who have a connection to Dogs Trust.

All of the following blogs are written by members of our community photo-sharing site, DoggySnaps.

Canine Hills - Part soap-opera, part-photo diary, Canine Hills is a collection of stories from budding writer James and photography from fellow 'Snappers Jacky and Paul. It's particularly funny and enjoyable if you're actually a member of the site, but can still be enjoyed if you're not! This developed on from The DS Chronicles, another project by James, Jacky and Paul.

Toney's DoggySnaps White House Office - A canine comedy-drama take following the model of shows like The West Wing.

Teddy's World: The life and times of Teddy McDoodle, a curious Labradoodle.

Sum Space: Actually a maths blog! However, John - who also uses the DoggySnaps forums for blog updates - does often mention his three lovely dogs, two of whom are Dogs Trust rescues and one of whom he adopted via DoggySnaps when a fellow member told of the pooch's plight.

Are you a fellow 'Snapper or Dogs Trust supporter with a blog? Add your link to the comments below.

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SarahJEmily said...

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