Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Dogs Trust Honours - Technical Rehearsals Underway

DT Honours - Table centres
Originally uploaded by Dogs Trust

We're now at the point where half the tables are finished and bedecked with miniatures of the huge topiary dog waiting to greet visitors outside (if you've been following http://twitter.com/dt_honours you'll have seen him!). There's also a bit of a table name theme going, can you spot it?

Loads more videos and pictures of the preparations are now up at YouTube and Flickr - you can click on the links in the sidebar here to go straight to them, or these are the addresses (I'm blogging from Flickr to save time and embedding the links is a bit tricky!!):


After a few technical hiccoughs, we're now all set up and ready to bring you the latest from the show, as it happens.

Back with more soon!

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