Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Internet Roundup: Dog Art

I'm in a bit of a creative mood today, as I go through some of my favourite blogs.

As you might expect, my RSS reader is full of posts about dogs, including blogs written from a dog's eye view, pet advice sites, animal magazines, veterinary blogs, fellow rescue organisation updates and pet-related products and services. These are useful for blog post inspiration and help us keep ahead of animal issues that hit the Internet, but they're also very entertaining in their own right. And some of them I skim through because they're just plain interesting, fun or beautiful.

There are many, many pet artists out there. You'll find some of them at DoggySnaps, where they kindly offer a percentage of their profits to Dogs Trust. Some are oil painters, others photographers or sculptors. These are some of the ones I've come across recently that have caught my eye.

This blog is the more social side of pet artist Rebecca's shop, Here she showcases her work and others, and links to helpful tutorials and interesting sites for the creatively inclined. She also explains how she goes about creating her own vivid and unique prints.

I absolutely love these tiny, detailed, fun little creatures, including the daschund pictured and a rather fetching black-and-white cat. The Japan-based artist behind these also makes other felt items, such as rings.


An Ontario, Canada based natural light photographer I stumbled across on Twitter, Angie's models are often little tykes but also include lots and lots of pets, as you can see from her gallery.

Those are just my three favourites this week, but there are tonnes more out there. Which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

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