Thursday, 21 May 2009

Man saves ducks; ducks save dogs!

You might have seen a rather cute story in the news about the 'duck man' who saved some ducks from a potentially perilious plunge from a high ledge onto concrete. This is an excellent example of man saving duck (and very cute and thoughtful).

So, now that the ducks have been saved, it's time for some payback. How can ducks save dogs?

Well, through the Great British Duck Race! (Did you like my spurious linkage? I'm quite proud of it). For just £2 you can secure a duck for the September race down the Thames, and at least £1 goes to Dogs Trust, with the other £1 going to the NSPCC. If enough Dogs Trust Ducks are bought, then we'll start getting the whole £2 for the later ones. The winner of the race stands to take home £10,000, while bagging your quacker early is good news too; there are monthly draws to win cash prizes every month until the competition.

So to help ducks save dogs, just visit the Dogs Trust Great British Duck Race page and get sponsoring! Your help is much appreciated, and will help us continue to care for thousands of dogs every year.

Remember that for every £1 donated to Dogs Trust, less than 2p goes on admin, so you know your money is going directly where it's most needed.

[Image: Duck Man story on ABC News - head over to watch the video!]

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