Friday, 24 July 2009


That sounds rather ominous, I know, but it's all in a good cause! This is what the producers told us:
Can we help you turn unwanted CLUTTER in your home into HARD CASH for YOU and a GOOD CAUSE?

Our team of experts could show you how to turn your JUNK into something USEFUL! If your family has more useless bits and bobs than you know what to do with then REEF TELEVISION is looking for YOU! We’ll help you recycle, refurbish and repair your clutter, and raise some cash to share between your family and a good cause of your choice.

If you and your family are interested please contact Rosalyn Newbery on 020 75392000 or

We’re filming now so get in touch ASAP! (Applicants within the M25 only)

So there you go. If you want to be on TV, raise some cash for yourself and Dogs Trust at the same time and happen to live in London or at least within the environs of the M25, then give them a shout. And let us know, too!


Linda Ward said...

Pooey. I'm about a mile outside the M25! Wonder if they'd stretch a bit?

Dogs Trust said...

You can but ask! Perhaps they will if it's a short distance and they think it's promising... let us know if you do get in touch. :)

Linda Ward said...

I did ask, and they are coming out to meet me on Thursday! No promises, but a good start.

If they want me I just need to find someone to walk a few dogs for a day or two...

Dogs Trust said...

Fab! Fingers crossed! :)