Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Will you go walkies with Dogs Trust?

It's time to strap on the trainers and shake out your legs, but don't worry if, like me, the thought of running even 5km makes your muscles wobble and tears leak out of your eyes... Dogs Trust has come up with a fundraising event that gets everyone moving outdoors, but that doesn't require much time on the treadmill.

Waggy Walks will be taking place in October in ten locations across the UK. You don't even need a dog to take part! You just have to get creative.

You can dress up as a dog or bring along a toy dog if you don't have one of your own. Jacqui and I will be at the London Finsbury Park event and being cat owners are debating if we can convince our partners to walk on a collar and lead with us...! You can decide on the day whether you're up for the longer six-mile walk or shorter three-mile option. Find out more by visiting the Waggy Walks website.

The locations are: Bath, Belfast, Brighton, Cardiff, Coventry, Darlington, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and London.

If you're not able to come along to an event you can still take part and help Dogs Trust raise vital funds to care for thousands of dogs every year. You can sponsor the Mascot Dog, who still doesn't have a name. This three-legged wonder is an active fellow who'll be taking on the six-mile challenge in London with us. There is still time to contribute your ideas for his new title and we'll be very grateful for any pennies you can send his way,too.

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