Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Will the credit crunch help those looking for Lets with Pets?

Since the start of the current financial crisis, the housing market has been used to track peaks and troughs (or forecast doom and gloom). One thing that's very clear is that people are renting more - either because lending is such that it's impossible to get a toe on the ownership ladder, or because it makes more sense to take advantage of lower rents and abundant rental properties.

But what about those people with pets?

We've mentioned Lets with Pets before, and we'll probably mention it again! This is because our research has shown that there is still a very real problem finding somewhere to live if you're renting and you have animals in the family. We reported last summer that 75% of landlords refuse pet-owning tenants, and we're working hard to try and change that with a website that encourages landlords and letting agents to see the benefit in renting to pet owners, as well as teaching them how to protect their investment with sensible pet policies. The site also helps potential tenants with tips for talking around a hesitant landlord.

Now that rental costs are low, it seems unlikely that landlords would want to turn down the chance to keep their property full. Pet owners can also offer an extra deposit to cover any potential pet-specific damage, and it's hard to turn down that kind of security in these troubled times. Is this a golden opportunity to change the anti-pet perception amongst many letting agents and landlords by demonstrating to them that pet owners can be excellent, responsible tenants to?

Here's a reminder of some of our tips for helping to get you and your pet into rental accommodation; you can find out more on the Lets with Pets website.
  • Write a CV for your pet - here's our example for Bo Obama!
  • Follow that CV up with references from a past landlord or your vet
  • Offer an extra deposit to cover potential pet-related damage, just in case
  • Try and arrange a meeting between your landlord and your pet to prove how well behaved they are.

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