Monday, 14 September 2009

Toby's found a home!

Remember Toby, the Dalmatian puppy with a complex digestive problem who needed a special home? Well, I was very pleased to get the following message in my inbox this morning from Graeme, Dogs Trust Darlington's Assistant Manager:
Just to let you know Toby the Dalmatian has now been adopted by a lovely local family. They had previously owned a Dalmatian with megaoesphagus and therefore understood the condition and how to care for a dog with it. He went home on Wednesday and was back for a vet check up on Friday and seems to be settling well. As normal, he is still bright and happy - thankfully, his health problems have not 'dampened' this!

We have contacted all the other potential homes offered, and explained that we had chosen this particlar home for Toby, as they had experienced his kind of problem before. All have accepted this and wish him well.
I wish Toby's new owners the best of luck with their new boy and I fervently hope that his health problems continue to stay under control for as long as possible.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank God, I've networked this boy everyday. I'm so happy and relieved he wil now get the love and care he so deserves!

Thank you Dogs Trust, you are THE best!!!


Dogs Trust said...

Bless - thank you so much for helping out with this. It's so much harder find people to rehome without the willingness of supporters and press spreading the word, so thank you!

Anonymous said...

No thank you needed hun, it's my absolute pleasure to help these babies :-)