Friday, 4 September 2009

Welcome to Jo Morris, West London Education Officer!

Remember Natalie Dexter, the London Education Officer who is owner of the beautiful Megan? Well, she's just got herself a new team member to help cover London! Natalie has moved to our HQ in Islington, and in her place at Dogs Trust West London is... well, I'll let her introduce herself:

Hi my names Jo and I’m the new West London Education Officer. Had my first week at Dogs Trust and absolutely loved it. I have even had a chance to meet all the four-legged residents in Harefield and I have already fallen in love with a puppy called Mr Scatterbrains. Isn’t he cute?

I have been learning all about my new job and I can’t wait to get stuck in….. Bring on Monday!

Have a great weekend everyone.
Please give Jo a warm welcome! She's joined by another new member of the team, Scott, who will shortly introduce himself too as he joins Dogs Trust Kenilworth.

If you'd like to have Jo, Scott or any of our other regional Education Officers visit your school for a free workshop or check out our free teaching resources and games for children, just visit


Hayley said...

Hi! Seeing as though you've just started a new job with Dogs Trust, I'm hoping you can help! Whereabouts do Dogs Trust advertise their vacancies? I've contacted Dogs Trust via the email address but have never received a reply. I would love to keep an eye out for vacancies within this charity, but have absolutely no idea where to start looking!

Dogs Trust said...

Hi Hayley,

Thanks for your comment; it's great that you're so interested in working for us!

We usually advertise vacancies in different places depending on the role. A rough guide is:

- For HQ-based office jobs we usually go through agencies. Our latest digital job, however, we found through Twitter!

- For Education jobs, we advertise in the education press, such as the TES, etc.

- For canine carers we advertise in local press.

That's a rough guide and there might be exceptions, but it should give you an idea of where to look.

All the best,

Alex (Web Editor - I came in through an agency!)

Hayley said...

That's great, thank you! I read recently Wag magazine about education officers and it really does look like my ideal job! I am currently a primary school teacher but my passions have always been for outside the traditional classroom setting. What job could be better than twinning my teaching experience with my love for dogs?! :) I will keep my eye out in the educational press. Thanks again.