Thursday, 22 October 2009

Chiswick Dog Show: Dogs Trust trustees, Cath Kidston and Barney the Blue Peter dog!

Dogs Trust trustee Veronica Carbone often attends Dogs Trust events was keen to pitch in at the Chiswick House Dog Show this year, particularly as she is involved in the organisation of the show. Held on one of the last glorious days of summer back in September, it was a brilliantly well-attended day and lots of fun for all.

Not only did the dedicated trustee work hard promoting the work of Dogs Trust, she also invited a friend along to help judge the dog show; that friend was none other than massively popular designer Cath Kidston - yes, she of the classic floral patterns, polka dots and stars (can you tell I'm a fan?!). Ms. Kidston (pictured left with Veronica) brought along her beloved pooch Stanley to help her out with the difficult task of picking a winner.

To top off a brilliant day, Chiswick resident Barney the Blue Peter dog came along to get lots of fuss and cuddles from Veronica and the rest of the Dogs Trust crew. You might remember that Barney originally came from one of our rehoming centres. Here's Veronica getting a lovely snuggle from the beautiful Setter cross, followed by some other photos from the event.

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