Friday, 16 October 2009

World's Largest Scooby Snack: Making of and presentation

When the record-breaking Scooby Snack was very kindly donated to the eager hounds at Dogs Trust Harefield, some of the Dogs Trust team was on hand to document the day with photos. This is just one photo from the day, with the rest to be found on the Dogs Trust Flickr feed.

[If you're reading this in the UK before 4:30pm on 16th of October 2009, don't forget to enter the Scooby-Doo goodie bag competition! Read the previous blog post for more.]

There are also some great videos about the making of the amazing cookie to be found online. The Canine Cookie Company, who made the whopping 16.5 stone biscuit for Warner Bros, clearly relished the challenge:

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