Friday, 8 January 2010

Battery Farmed Dogs (aka Puppy Farming): where has your dog come from?

You might have already seen TV and radio reports about our Battery Farmed Dogs campaign, launched today. This is the next stage of the years of campaigning we have done against puppy farming, designed to inform the public and press for better licensing control and enforcement.

You can find out more about the campaign online, but to summarise, here's what you can do to help support us:

Be aware when you're buying a dog

We have a detailed guide for anyone wanting to buy a 'cruelty-free' dog who doesn't know what to look out for. You'll find it right here.

Write to your Local Authority about suspicious pet vendors

If there’s a pet shop, garden centre or other pet vending premises in your area where you feel the standard of care for the animals is inadequate we recommend that you contact your Local Authority. Local Authorities are responsible for the licensing of pet vending premises and should inspect any that they receive complaints about.

Below is a download of a draft letter that can be finished off and sent to your Local Authority to highlight your concerns. This should be addressed to the Chief Environmental Officer.

A list of Local Authorities can be found at:

Tell us about your experiences

Did you buy your dog from an advert on the internet or in a newspaper, from a pet shop, garden centre or superstore? Many of these are supplied by battery farms and you might have found that your puppy has had health or behavioural problems as a result of being bred in this way.

Contact details and what to include in your email are on this page (we might need to get back in touch, so please use the email address on the page linked to rather than commenting here!).


Crazy Dog Blog said...

There's a constant advert in the Record Newspaper that has at least 4 litters of pups of different breeds available at any one time. It sickens me.

Dog Allergies said...

never been experiencing that, but anyway I would want to thank you for this wonderful information, it sure gains me a knowledge about the so calles battery farm dogs. thanks a lot